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— Course "Optical Waveguide Theory", University of Paderborn, Germany, Summer 2024 —

A        Photonics / integrated optics, theory: Maxwell equations; dielectric waveguides & circuits: phenomena, introductory examples.
B        Brush up on mathematical tools: vector calculus, Fourier transform, differential equations, linear problems with homogeneity along a coordinate, a little variational calculus.
C        Maxwell equations, survey of different formulations, time and frequency domain, interfaces, energy and power flow, material properties, dispersion.
D        Classes of simulation tasks: scattering problems, time and frequency domain, mode analysis, resonance problems; spatial dimensions / symmetry; scalar, quasi-vectorial approximations; initial value problems (beam propagation method, brief); boundary conditions (brief).
E        Normal modes of dielectric optical waveguides: governing equations, symmetry properties, polarization, classification, orthogonality, completeness properties; mode superpositions: power evaluation; (super-) mode interference.
F        Examples for dielectric optical waveguides: multilayer slab waveguides, channel waveguides of rib- or strip-type (effective index model), optical fibers, complex waveguides (loss/gain, leakage).
G        Waveguide discontinuities (BEP/QUEP simulations, brief), examples, scattering matrices, reciprocal circuits.
H        Bent optical waveguides: general, 2D, examples, field displacement, radiation losses; whispering gallery resonances; circular integrated optical microresonators.
I        Conventional (codirectional) coupled mode theory, parallel optical channels: parametrized models, derivation of CMT equations by means of reciprocity techniques / from a variational principle; perturbation theory for optical waveguides.
J        A touch of photonic crystals; a touch of plasmonics.
•        Hybrid analytical / numerical coupled mode theory (Graduate lecture).
•        Oblique semi-guided waves
A-J    Lectures A-J (one file).